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Hotels in St. Petersburg

  • Nevsky Hotel Grand
    The largest hotel Nevsky Hotels Group, opened its doors to guests in early April 2004. Located in the "Golden Triangle" of St. Petersburg, so the road to the main attractions will take you no more than 10 minutes.
    from 3075 RUB. Reserve
  • Nevsky Hotel Aster
    There are forty eight rooms in the Nevsky Hotel Aster, four of which are lovely suites with sauna and Jacuzzi. The 44 standard rooms nicely accommodate two guests, who can request either a double bed or twin beds.
    from 3075 RUB. Reserve
  • Nevsky Breeze Hotel
    The eighth hotel added to our group of inns is this little gem of hospitality called the Nevsky Breeze. The location is exceptional for travellers and visitors who want to get to know St. Petersburg. The Nevsky Breeze is a good choice for guests travelling with their family because some of the rooms have the large sofa and it easily converts to a bed. As with all the hotels in our group there’s 24-hour security.
    from 3450 RUB. Reserve
  • Nevsky Central Hotel
    Squarely in the middle of the Central District, the Hotel Nevsky Central shares the main entrance right on Nevsky Prospect with the popular Cafe. The hotel is located on the 3rd floor of the historic building dating back to 1866-1867, there is no lift in the building. The hotel is less than five minutes from the Moscow Railway Station, and just crossing the street brings you to the Mayakovsky Metro station.
    from 2138 RUB. Reserve